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Hello, Catawba Valley! And WELCOME to the inaugural issue of the Catawba Valley’s own Business Journal, GFB Monthly.
We would encourage you to learn more about the why, what, when, and how of our publication, which is notably unlike other area business journals, by visiting our website home page.  We are all about business / economic development in the Catawba Valley; we focus on small, entrepreneurial and innovative businesses – the core of our economy.
This company is a not-for-profit company supported by business and individual sponsors (listed on our website), BUT writing journals is not all GFB Connect does. Be sure to check out our website for future information about our Grants Program.
Getting to this point has taken three years and considerable contributions from very trusted advisors and sponsors. The evolving process has led me to think of how we create, maintain and grow our businesses in today’s economy.
I happen to like the process of turning ideas into action. You will read in each monthly issue of GFB Monthly about our business, entrepreneurs, and innovative spirit.. You will learn some things, hopefully, and simply be reminded of others. These writings are typically grouped under categories that mirror parts of the creative process like THINK, ENVISION, CREATE, LEAD, WORK, INNOVATE and IMPROVE. Then we throw in some “Other” things that we think may be of interest or enjoyment. We hope reading GFB Monthly (and the shorter, more regular GFB Now that will provide more timely information of interest) will spark ideas, learning, creativity and continued interest in you, all traits common to creative and entrepreneurial people.
Applaud our businesses, regardless of size, those who created them, those who manage and lead them, and those who work with dedication and skill in each.
Remember, it is all about “Our Businesses; Our People”. We want to spread the good word about Catawba Valley companies and their impressive talent. Thank you for continuing to CONNECT with our business and entrepreneurial community in the Catawba Valley!
Anthony K. (Tony) Jackson, Managing Director
GFB Connect, Inc.

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Learning How to Fish
by Garrett Hinshaw

Have you ever spent hours on a lake, pond, river or ocean and used the phrase, “There’s not any fish out there!”? Well… most of us probably have experienced that frustration at some point in our lives...

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An Entrepreneur - "All In"
by Tony Jackson

I believe I have just spent two hours interviewing a model of entrepreneurism.

GFB Connect focuses on celebrating small, locally-owned and entrepreneurial businesses in the Catawba Valley with the belief that these “gem” are not only a representation of what we do best, but will determine the future economic and business success of our area and the Valley’s attractiveness to others as a place to live and work.

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"Watching" This Company is Just Pure Fun
by Keith Simmons

If you, at some point in your life, have been captured by the allure of the silver screen, its larger than life stars, the origins of the film, the “backstage” details or simply the artistic side of a production, you need to be aware of one of Hickory, NC’s fastest and most fun growth entrepreneurial enterprises – the Footcandle Film Society, Inc. 

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So, Just What is an Entrepreneur?
by Tony Jackson

I think my Dad was an entrepreneur. I know I am. However, if you asked me to define exactly what and who an entrepreneur is, I don’t think I could provide a coherent, consistent opinion. At least, not until I researched this seemingly simple question.

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Aloha Fridays

One of the more interesting evolutions in the workplace has been the emergence of the ever-so popular “Casual Friday” trend adopted either formally or not so by many offices and worksites in Catawba County.

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A Real GEM of an Idea

Thanks in part to the dramatic interest in the film industry in Catawba County and, significantly so, to the development and growth of the Footcandle Film Society and its annual Footcandle Film Festival...


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Effective Email Communication

"Email is not going to disappear.  Possibly ever.  Until the robots kill us all." - Paul Buchheit

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Why All the Fuss About Customer Service?

Ask any businessperson, CEO, entrepreneur…or even person on the street, “What is the most important thing an enterprise can do well to build their business?” 

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A Nice NOTION of Uptown/Downtown Hickory

Downtown Hickory is changing…and yet staying the same.  Most Catawba Valley residents know of the creative and expansive renovations...

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I Learned the Hard Way

“Corporate Culture” is another popular term to express “how people act and interact” within a company...

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Just Some Thinking….

I sit here in my office looking at…posters with quotes on my office walls.  OK, I admit being a sucker for a good quote...
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Interesting Things You Never Thought You Needed to Know

I’ve always wondered (until now)…
• What is the tip of my elbow called...?

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